I just bought a StealthCam trail camera PX18. I already have a WildGame and a Moultrie camera but this was at a good price.

My Moultrie is so slow waking up it usually takes pictures of deer tails or nothing at all. Hoping this camera will be better, I found the Instruction Manual does not show where to insert the 8 batteries? My other cameras have a battery compartment easily seen and easy to use. The Manual says to install the batteries but there is no picture or information where they go.

It looks like after opening the case you have to pry apart the camera section to insert the batteries?

Also I read that the Serial number is located where the batteries are held.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stealth Cam Px18 Action Camera.

Reason of review: WHERE DOES THE 8 BATTERIES GO?.

Stealth Cam Pros: Price.

Stealth Cam Cons: Instruction manual.

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